I knew at a very young age i was destined to do something beyond myself, for the greater good. when I was in my mid career in the art world i was told that you cannot change yourself and you cannot change the world; once i understood this people will start to tell me how much i have changed. 

I have been a creator all of my life. Not until I was completing one of the largest murals I created for the Duwamish tribe, I felt the need to tell more stories in a way that made people feel something. So I joined the LA Film School for my Associates in Music Production and Bachelors in Film. 2024 being a presidential election year, I had a burning desire to create a documentary from one of my artworks I completed in 2023. It started as a "faux" because I hadn't completed my degree and wanted to jump in and get my feet wet. During the inception  of FauxUmentary, I knew this is something I wanted to do and had so many literary stories in me, and had been using my artistic skills to express along with writing poems, essay and novels. When I realized my love for film was beyond only watching them. I was excited more than ever to fully understand the psychology of filmmaking and how the audience interprets film. I want to make every human feel that they are worth every breath of their life to be safe, heard, and seen.